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Addiction Treatment in Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase is one of Maryland’s oldest and most prestigious communities. The name itself was derived from Chevy Chase, the designation of the land given to Colonel Joseph Belt from Charles Calvert, 5th Baron Baltimore, in 1725.

Present-day Chevy Chase includes both the township in Maryland and several settlements in the same area of Montgomery County (and one neighborhood of Washington D.C.) as well, with some of the finest dining, shopping, and entertainment choices in the entire state.

The ravages of addiction and potential co-occurring mental health conditions know no bounds, however—but quality treatment services are available in and around Chevy Chase to provide guidance and additional support.

Types of Addiction Treatment in Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase-based rehab centers are able to help you gain access to critical treatment resources (and across several levels of treatment) to begin the healing process. Participation in services has been demonstrated to evidence both better outcomes and and an improved overall quality of life, equipping you with new tools, coping strategies, and a sense of community for long-lasting sobriety.[1]

Levels of treatment can include:

  • Detoxification Services
  • Inpatient or Residential treatment programs
  • Medically Managed Care
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment

How to Choose a Drug Rehab Center in Chevy Chase

Choosing a treatment facility can be an overwhelming proposition. With so many choices, it’s important to ask questions when considering which services are right for you and your unique needs. 

Look for a treatment center that is accredited by respected associations and has a positive reputation in the community. Ask about alternative treatment modalities and inclusive LGBTQ+ programs. Find out about potential aftercare options and insurance coverage.

Sober Living Houses in Chevy Chase

The recovery process can be challenging. It’s important to establish a like-minded community to support you along the way. Our personalized care plans will provide you with the resources, treatment, and sense of community needed to begin and continue the healing process.

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Emergency Services for Addiction in Chevy Chase

While recovery care is comprehensive at addiction treatment facilities, at times outside resources can be critical in times of need. Area hospitals and crisis centers are also vital for residents struggling with addiction. Additionally, region-specific hotlines can help people access the help they need in moments of distress.

Hospital icon

Suburban Hospital

8600 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, Montgomery County, MD 20814

Open 24 hours

Hospital icon

Montgomery County 24-Hour Crisis CenteR

1301 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850

Open 24 hours (Full assessments, resources, and treatment referrals)

Hospital icon

211 Maryland

Dial 211 to connect to a resource specialist and a list of current substance use treatment providers.

Call or text 988 to access the new National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline in Maryland

Additional Community Resources Available Include:


Local Stats You Need to Know

The consequences of alcohol and drug use and abuse have become increasingly lethal over the years, both within Chevy Chase and across Maryland. In 2017, there were 2,282 drug and alcohol-related intoxication deaths in the state, the seventh year in a row that intoxication deaths have increased, and a 9% increase over the number of deaths in 2016.

Of these deaths, 116 of them occurred within Montgomery County—almost double the number of deaths recorded back in 2007. Put together, prescription opioids and alcohol were responsible for almost half of all drug and alcohol-related intoxication deaths in the County in 2017.[2]

On the whole, over 4,900 people unintentionally overdosed and died on either drugs or alcohol between 2011 and 2020 in the state of Maryland[3].

Help for Addiction in Chevy Chase

If you or someone you know are struggling with addiction, know that there are treatment options and resources you can access for help. Alpas Wellness is proud to be at the vanguard of both substance use and co-occurring disorder treatment, providing a safe and structured environment to begin your healing journey.

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Sober Activities in Chevy Chase

Paying for Treatment in Chevy Chase

While it’s wise to have questions about how to best pay for services, don’t let concerns about your payment options get in the way of seeking the necessary help for addiction. Most treatment centers accept several types of insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare, along with offering private pay options. The Montgomery County Crisis Center is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can also connect you to vital resources and referrals for your care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Attending Rehab in Chevy Chase


What is medication-assisted treatment?


Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, combines the use of medication with counseling and other therapies to treat various kinds of substance use disorders, opioid use disorder in particular. There are currently three drugs FDA-approved for the treatment of opioid use disorder: buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone[4].


Are there medications to treat alcohol use disorder as well?


Yes, these medications are: 

  • Disulfiram
  • Naltrexone 
  • Acamprosate

Should someone do therapy as well as medications?


Yes. When discussing the potential of MAT for opioids or alcohol, it’s recommended to engage in concurrent therapy and therapeutic programming along with MAT for the highest-possible chances of success.


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