Addiction Treatment Accreditations: What They Are and Why They Matter

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What Are Accreditations?

Official accreditation for a detox and rehab facility is a granted recognition that confirms their services meet the mandatory standards of practice. These standards are pre-existing benchmarks set forth by the state and other reputable organizations in the industry.

When under consideration for accreditation, treatment centers undergo a series of detailed evaluations and interviews related to treatment interventions and care policies. This comprehensive process looks holistically at every level of care and each treatment program.

From admissions and detox to therapy and continuing education measures, accreditation aims to advance evidence-based and effective treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders.

Why Accreditations and Certifications Matter

As the opioid epidemic and substance use abuse statistics have increased over the last decade,  so have the number of treatment facilities. Unfortunately, not all are created equal, and it’s important to choose a facility you can trust that best meets your needs.

A facility that has earned official accreditation from trusted industry-leading sources offers confidence and peace of mind for patients and families as they begin the journey toward sobriety and recovery.

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Rehab Accreditations Vs. Certification: What’s The Difference?

The accreditation process in the addiction and Recovery field is a formal procedure where a respected and independent third-party agency evaluates a facility to verify it meets the required standards of care.

A certification process is a written assurance that the facility meets the standard requirements based on a second or third-party assessment from trusted accredited institutions. While both refer to the standard and quality of care, there are subtle differences.

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