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When navigating mental health and substance use disorders, finding the treatment center that best meets your needs is challenging. But receiving holistic, disorder-specific treatment is critical to a successful recovery.

Across all Alpas Wellness locations, we deliver targeted mind-body interventions and focus on highly individualized treatment to help you heal from the inside out.

Alpas Wellness Treatment Centers

Alpas Wellness – La Plata, Maryland, 1014 Washington Avenue La Plata, MD 20646

Alpas Wellness – La Plata, Maryland

1014 Washington Avenue La Plata, MD 20646

(855) 692-5727

Healing With Alpas Wellness


Alpas Wellness is filling a huge need in the community. With their experienced clinical, medical, outreach, and admissions staff, patients will have access to care unprecedented in the area. Having collaborated on partnerships with the leadership team in the behavioral healthcare space previously, I am looking forward to working with them now, assisting in professional referrals to their facility, and excited to see the growth and change Alpas has to offer!

Michael McLaughlin


Having consulted for Alpas Wellness for two years during the design and construction of their treatment center in La Plata, I quickly learned that their leadership team is not only built on industry experience but also irrepressible motivation to deliver premier patient care and treatment. From the inviting, warm finishes and touches of nature to the large dining spaces and infusion of everyday comforts, you’ll quickly understand the meticulous planning and detail behind Alpas Wellness enables a transformative environment, where anyone one will feel comfortable and valued.

David Simon


A desperately needed and welcomed resource for our community. This facility (home space) is the most comfortable and comprehensive addiction treatment and recovery center in Maryland, a place where people can regroup through various treatment plans, music therapy, art, etc. The compassionate care and inclusion is unsurpassed.

Michelle Goodwin


Levels Of Care Offered at Our Alpas Wellness Locations

Individualized plans to promote lasting recovery through every stage of treatment.

Medical Drug Detox

Our luxurious and attentive treatment centers offer 24/7 medical care and withdrawal comfort measures while navigating the discomfort of early recovery.

Inpatient Residential

Inpatient treatment offers a peaceful freedom in a supported space where you can focus on healing and recovery without any outside distractions.

Medically Managed Care

Other medical conditions like diabetes, malnourishment, or fibromyalgia often hold people back from seeking treatment. At Alpas Wellness, we can treat all of it.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Mental health disorders and substance use are often linked and each requires multi-faceted treatment that supports the other.

Innovative Interventions For Holistic Healing

Modalities that address the whole person, mind, body, and soul.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the gold standards of therapeutic interventions for a myriad of disorders that helps patients understand internal thought patterns and resulting behaviors.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based intervention that helps patients accept and moderate challenging feelings.

Experiential Therapy

A guided hands-on therapy, patients will participate in music, art, crafting, adventures, or dramas while addressing inner struggles and past experiences.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

This modality will help patients struggling with substance use disorders evoke internal, personal motivations for healthy change.

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