Patient and Family-Centered Treatment For Lasting Recovery

Alpas Wellness

Patient and Family-Centered Treatment For Lasting Recovery

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*Alpas – (verb) A Tagalog word whose English translation means to become free, untied, or to break loose. Break free with us.

We deliver unparalleled, pioneering residential treatment for clients and families facing substance use disorder and mental health concerns. Through a uniquely re-imagined integration of personalized holistic, traditional, and alternative approaches to mind-body healing, we offer an incomparable level of support.

Every level of care promotes recovery

Every level of care promotes recovery. Every treatment modality advances healing.

Our Values


There are no false promises here, just authentic engagement and effective treatment.


We’re equipped to provide the latest in cutting-edge treatment interventions to promote recovery.

Patient and Staff Experience

We’ve created an environment our patients and families appreciate and a culture our employees enjoy.


We are people-focused people driven by compassion to offer a judgment-free treatment experience that works.


Detox and withdrawal can be dangerous without highly attentive medical interventions for safety and comfort.


Through holistic, traditional, and alternative modalities, you will be equipped to reach a greater level of independence and personal autonomy.

About Alpas Wellness

Alpas Wellness La Plata, LLC  is a medical organization with a Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center in Charles County, Maryland.

Alpas Wellness offers Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Dual-Diagnosis & Mental Health Treatment to individuals struggling with addiction issues.

Founded in 2018, Alpas Wellness has swiftly established itself as a pillar of innovation and excellence in the addiction treatment landscape. Our collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania Center for Neuroaesthetics (PCfN) has empowered us to design facilities that are not only conducive to recovery but also enhance the effectiveness of rehabilitation, merging scientific insight with therapeutic care.Alpas, derived from a Tagalog word, symbolizes the essence of freedom and the release from binding chains, encapsulating our devoted commitment to guiding individuals through transformative journeys toward recovery and holistic well-being. Located in the serene suburbs of La Plata, Charles County, Alpas is a fully licensed and accredited wellness center, offering a spectrum of meticulously crafted treatment options, ranging from short-term and long-term residential care to telehealth services. Each aspect of our center, from private nurses stations to community kitchens and furnished lounge spaces, has been curated with thoughtfulness and a deep understanding of the recovery journey.


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