Career Opportunities At Alpas Wellness

Career Opportunities At Alpas Wellness
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Alpas Wellness is looking for qualified, compassionate individuals to join our administrative and treatment teams. If you practice patient-first care, are driven by compassion, and have experience in the addiction treatment field, we’d love to chat.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. ~ Gandhi

About Alpas Wellness

The Alpas Wellness Mission

To provide unparalleled pioneering, targeted residential treatment and support services focused on improving patient outcomes and overall well-being.

The Alpas Wellness Vision

We exist to be an effective and inclusive multidisciplinary wellness center with a focus on holistic and novel interventions for lasting recovery.

Our Approach

With a PATIENT-FIRST approach to every element of our treatment process,  Alpas Wellness promotes principles of patient EMPOWERMENT, judgment-free ACCEPTANCE, and unreserved ACCESS to practical, compassionate support.

Our Values

The field of addiction treatment and recovery can be complex, overwhelming, and drought with disingenuous interaction. We’re committed to advancing…

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Authentic Engagement

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Innovative Treatment

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Positive Patient and Staff Experiences

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Compassionate Care

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Safety In Recovery

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Autonomy For Life

Our Why

The journey of recovery is one of SELF-DISCOVERY. Here, you will learn more about yourself and the life you want to create. Through innovative treatment and evidence-based interventions, we help you develop personal AUTONOMY so you can create a sustainable, healthy future.

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Current Openings

If you align with the Alpas Wellness mission and vision, see these current career opportunities. Come make a difference with us!

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Nurse Practioner

Our Maryland facility is located in La Plata, Maryland. Featuring a focus on the staff and patient experience, Alpas is aimed at driving the field of behavioral health forward. We are offering an exciting opportunity for Nurse Practitioners to forge their path and move the field of behavioral health forward.

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