Insurance Options For Recovery

Insurance Options For Recovery

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What are the different types of insurance for rehab?


There are primarily two different types of insurance available for substance abuse and mental health treatment. An HMO carrier will limit coverage to providers within the insurance network.  Emergency care outside of the network is usually allowed, but ongoing treatment will need to be performed by providers within the network.

A PPO insurance plan Is more flexible, offering coverage for both in and out-of-network providers with varying costs to you.


What if I don’t have insurance?


If you don’t have insurance, don’t let this keep you from pursuing treatment and recovery. Alternative payment options include private pay, sliding scale fees, and there may be grants or scholarships available as well.


What kind of treatments will insurance cover?


The treatment program and level of care you need will be determined by your physician or addiction field professionals. In most cases, treatment begins with a medical detox before progressing into a medically managed care program or inpatient rehab.

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