Looking For A Sober Roommate in Maryland? 6 Must-Have Resources

Updated On: Jan. 8, 2024
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Sober Roommates in Maryland
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    What you will learn

    • Having sober roommates helps you avoid having drugs and alcohol in your home and reduces the risk of relapse.
    • There are websites, organizations, groups, and forums that help connect you with other sober parties.
    • Building a local support network can help you find a sober roommate by getting to know peers and finding people with similar goals.

    If you’re in recovery, finding a sober roommate can be an important part of maintaining your long-term sobriety. Spending time in your home with someone using drugs or alcohol regularly can create temptation, especially if they’re not mindful of your goals and struggles.

    Sober roommates are a great choice for creating an environment conducive to success. If you’re both committed to abstinence, it’s easier to support one another and avoid triggers that can harm your progress. Finding a sober roommate isn’t always easy, however.

    Fortunately, there are resources you can use to find sober roommates and like-minded individuals.


    MySoberRoommate.com is a free database for people in drug or alcohol recovery who are seeking roommates. You simply create a profile and include some information about your residence, age, gender, recovery timeline, pet status, budget, location, and whether you’re a smoker.

    Best of all, you can create a profile even if you’re not in recovery yet but want a sober roommate. Conversely, if you’re looking for a room in an existing home or apartment, you can indicate that to find people who are looking for roommates in the area.

    State Services

    Maryland has dedicated services for mental health resources, including databases for sober living facilities. Any of these organizations can help you find support groups and sober living residences to stay on track.

    Maryland 988

    Maryland 988 is the state’s mental health crisis support and resources hotline. Run by the Maryland Department of Health, Maryland 988 offers everything from suicide prevention to psychiatric crisis support to resources for recovery residences. Contact 988 to discuss options for finding sober living residences, support groups, or roommates in your area.

    NAMI Maryland

    NAMI Maryland is the state affiliate for the National Alliance on Mental Health. It’s a one-stop resource for people struggling with addiction or in recovery, as well as family and friends, to handle crises, find support groups, and access mental health resources. You can find sober living resources through NAMI Maryland or one of its county affiliates, which cover Metro Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Lower Shore, and more.

    Maryland Department of Health

    The Maryland Department of Health is a government agency that’s responsible for the public health of residents. In addition to other resources, the Department of Health keeps a directory of recovery residences that are certified by the Behavioral Health Administration, including the Arundel House of Hope, the Chrysalis House, Ellington Manor, and more.

    Sober Living Homes

    Sober Living Homes

    Sober living homes, also known as transitional residences or halfway houses, are intended for people in recovery to provide accountability and structure after completing drug and alcohol rehab as they return to everyday life. While they offer freedom and flexibility, sober living homes give you supervision and support for long-term recovery.

    These resources offer directories for sober living facilities throughout the state of Maryland. You can find homes that offer the experience you want, and during your stay, you may build connections that can help you find a roommate when you’re ready to be on your own.

    Drug Rehab Services

    Drug Rehab Services is a business that helps people find substance use resources like treatment and rehab, support groups, information, and sober living homes. Though Drug Rehab Services doesn’t provide substance abuse services directly, it offers a comprehensive list of sober living homes in Maryland to find the ideal option for your needs.

    Sober House Directory

    The Sober House Directory offers sober living homes, transitional housing, and other recovery resources in Maryland, including Annapolis, Bel Air, Crownsville, Baltimore, and other areas. In addition to the directory of sober homes, you can find treatment resources, support groups, and other services through the Sober House Directory.

    Peer Support Groups

    Peer support groups through fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) bring together people who have struggled with drugs and alcohol and are committed to sobriety.

    These groups are important for getting emotional and practical support in your recovery, but you may also build connections for sober roommates. You can find AA meetings in Maryland using the online directory. NA also has a directory that you can filter by state, county, or city.

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